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Good Problems Book for Quantum Mechanics

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    Okay, I'm sorry if this has been posted already or something, so if it has been, please don't waste your breath and simply post a link for me.

    I have read through Eisberg and Griffiths quantum books, but I feel like I need more problems to solve in order to get a more solid base in basic quantum mechanics. I have Shankar, and have read most of it, and understand it, but I feel like it doesn't have enough exercises for me to get the stuff down well enough. What is a good book with many problems to solve? Keep in mind I am majoring in mathematics and physics, so it won't bother me to do a lot of mathematical rigor in my solutions. I am also eager to begin relativistic quantum mechanics/QFT, and I am currently beginning some of those books, but I don't want to dabble TOO much into those subjects before I have an extremely solid foundation in basic quantum. Also keep in mind that this is self-study only, I haven't taken a class yet in quantum, but I can't wait due to the research grant that I have. I'm not going to rush it, but I want to do the problems now. I am taking what is frequently called "baby quantum" next semester with Eisberg's book, but waiting for that seems lame to me since there isn't much mathematical rigor for that class, just overview of the subject. Sorry for the long-winded post.
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    If you've gotten through some basics, give Modern Quantum Mechanics by J.J. Sakurai a shot.
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    George Jones

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    thanks for the advice, i'll do exercises in both
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