Got any riddles, or brain busters?

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Yes, it would make sense to interpret it that way.In summary, the father is teaching his son how to drive and asks him to go ahead. Back up can mean both to advance forward and to retreat backward.f
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I'm creating this thread for those who enjoy puzzles, riddles, etc. If you have a fun brain buster share it on here or comment on other's posts. If you post a question, put the answer under a spoiler tag. If you've solved the puzzle please do not post the answer. Thanks!

Please don't forget to include an explanation of the answer.
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An easy one.

There has been a theft and there are 4 suspects. Only one tells the truth.

Suspect one pleads innocent
Suspect two accuses suspect one of lying
Suspect three says suspect two lies
Suspect four accuses suspect two of theft

Who is telling the truth?

Suspect two tells the truth. If suspect two tells the truth, suspect three is lying, suspect one is guilty, and suspect four is lying because suspect one is the guilty one. My apologies if I wasn't very clear.
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A mage and a barbarian enter the room with two closed doors and two goblins. One of the goblins says:
- One of these doors leads to a treasure, the other to sure death. One of us always tells the truth, the other one always lies.
Mage says:
- I know this one, we have to...
Barbarian takes his axe, kills one of goblins and asks the remaining one:
- Is your friend dead, or alive?
- Dead! - Cries the goblin.
- This one always tells the truth.
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What have I got in my pocketses?
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This is the most opportune moment( read thread) for Quantum Physicists:nb)... and of course Logicians.
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What have I got in my pocketses?

Maybe another quantum perception of reality?
"When does QM superposition end and reality translates into absolute certainty?"
Or a simpler version...
Is the cat dead or alive?
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Dad says to his son, teaching him how to drive, "OK , son. Now. Go ahead back up."
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back up.
"back up" like "support someone" or "move backwards"?
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"back up" like "support someone" or "move backwards"?
Well, the son is behind the steering wheel of a car learning to drive. Any command would, or should, be associated with tasks to be performed in that regard rather then for the comfort of the individual which is assumed to be taken care of already before lessons commence. You may have added another element to the riddle that has been overlooked over the years.

The car can do certain movements when in motion. Two basic movements would be to advance forwards or to "advance" rearwards. ( A sideways movement can also be added to the two basic movements by rotating the steering wheel, but the dad did not ask for that.)
A command of "Go ahead" would mean to advance forward would it not.
A command of "go backwards" would mean to "advance rearward.
Putting the two commands together would mean ?
What should the son do?
Should the son take the dad literally by moving forwards and then backwards - in which case the combined command could have been a contracted version of "Go ahead, and then backup." Or should the son appeal to his years of knowledge of the English language, filtering the expression and just backup up the car. The brain would have then interpreted the command "Go ahead backup." as "Now do this: Backup."
Usually such a double meaning riddle are asked of little tots to test their comprehension of English - well maybe not to test it, but just to watch their confusion in sorting out the "true meaning" within the context of the situation, and more confusion stemming from a ( deliberate ) convoluted explanation.

Note that "Go ahead backup." can also be interpreted as two separate commands with a suitable pause between, ie Go Ahead. Backup, in which case it becomes a recipe for the recipient to follow from start to finish.

You may also note that lawyers receive vast sums of money trying to sort out riddles such as this when plaintiff and defendant square off., or in some other court proceedings. Not necessarily the only place where language riddles come into play - workplace, home life, politics, novels,.. The riddle is a simple description of where in the real life drama can result between two people if meaning does not correlate exactly between them, either by design or effort.
It is kind of what was meant, what was said, what was heard, and what was interpreted.

Capice? :) :oldsmile:
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OK , son. Now. Go ahead back up

Go ahead in general use can also mean:

Ok son. Now try(go ahead) to back up(the car).
"Go ahead,do the sums yourself. Maybe some new theories will come up.",said the professor to the student.
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Exactly/ Parsing the English language does happen to have some difficulties.

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