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Grad school in Materials Science help/advice.

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    Hello all,
    My background is in physics, and I'm entering a graduate program for materials science and engineering this fall. I was wondering if anyone had any generic or specific advice before starting. Thank you.
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    Im not really sure what your exact research area will involve but if its material science and has anything to do with polymer chemistry/engineering, and you are just starting out without a strong background (but obviously one where scientific ideas will come quickly since you studied physics), Id go back and dig up all the papers by Flory you can find. He obviously published a lot but I recall about 3 or 4 being particularly useful for anyone setting out to do research in materials science.
    Sorry I dont have the specific article citations but if you have access to a large collection of journals, you'll have no problem finding him.
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    Thank you for the advice! It looks like I'm probably actually going into Superconductivity.
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