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Grad textbook on abstract algebra

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    What is the absolute best abstract algebra book for graduate students? I was wanting a book that covers algebra in the most comprehensive manner possible, at about the level of Hungerford's Algebra. I was wondering if Carstensen's Abstract Algebra in the Sigma Series in Pure Mathematics is a good text. Any recommendations?
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    Hi ForMyThunder! :smile:

    Which kind of algebra are you interested in? There are a lot of branches out there!

    I've always found "Commutative algebra with a view on algebraic geometry" by Eisenbud wonderful. But that focusses on commutative algebra.

    Another great book is the algebra books by Bourbaki, but Bourbaki's style is often criticized...
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    I like Rotman, Advanced Modern Algebra (2nd edition), and Isaacs, Algebra: A Graduate Course.
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    the modern standards are artin, dummit and foote, hungerford, lang. a little older but excellent are: jacobson, van der waerden, and sah.

    i have free algebra notes on my web page for math courses 843-4-5, and 8000[6].

    see my profile for address. many other people have possibly better and certainly nicer looking ones on their sites. james milne's site is a treasure trove of wonderfully well written and excellent books and notes.
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