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Homework Help: Gradient of a scalar field in a given direction

  1. Nov 2, 2009 #1
    I have to find the gradient of a scalar field, h, at a certain point in a direction given by a vector.

    I know, [tex]\vec{\nabla}h[/tex] will give me the direction of maximum slope, and its magnitude is the magnitude of the slope, but i don't know where to start in finding the slope in any other direction. I've looked through my notes and all over the internet, with no luck.
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    Take the scalar product of [tex]\vec{\nabla}h[/tex] with a unit vector in the given direction.
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    thank you very much! I can't believe i couldn't find that anywhere. I'm happy to tke your word for it, but any chance you have a proof or reference of that for future referance?
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