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Graph, Math and Stats Online Software

  1. Apr 7, 2008 #1
    Following online programs are freely available for math enthusiasts

    1. Graphing Rectangular 2D
    2. Graphing Rectangular 3D
    3. Graphing Polar
    4. Graphing 2D Parametric curves
    5. Graphing 3D Parametric curves
    6. Graphing 3D Parametric surfaces

    7. Finding Area under curve (Rectangular)
    8. Finding Area under curve (Polar)
    9. Finding Area between curves (Rectangular)
    10. Finding ArcLength (Rectangular)
    11. Finding ArcLength (Parametric)
    12 Finding Arc Length (Polar)
    13. Finding Differentials f' (x)
    14. Finding Volume (Disks)
    15. Finding Volume (Washers)
    16. Finding Surface Area (Disks)
    17. Finding Centroid

    18. Probability (Dice)
    19. Measures of Central Location and Dispersion
    20. Regression Analysis
    21. Correlation Analysis

    All these programs are available on two of my sites

    1. http://www.thinkanddone.com" [Broken]
    2. http://www.britishcomputercolleges.com" [Broken]
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  3. Feb 9, 2010 #2
    It's been some time since I posted here

    Unfortunately the links I posted for Graphing and math tools are no longer available as I have removed the tools from my site http://www.thinkanddone.com and I do not own the second domain anymore ( british computer colleges ) listed above . I am not responsible for any of the content you may find on the second domain
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