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Graphene: Displacement of atoms out of the 2D Plane

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    I am trying to find a reference describing the z(or c) component of the basis vectors for graphene. I seem to recall that there is a slight bend such that half of the atoms lie slightly above the plane. However, every paper I have found references the perfect 2D lattice of Graphene.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    What property is it that you're trying to study? One example is the band gap at the ##\textbf{K}## and ##\textbf{K}^\prime## points. I can think of one reference where the gap at these points this discussed as a function of buckling of the honeycomb lattice. That reference is:


    However, this is discussed in the context of silicene, which is basically graphene but carbon replaced by silicon. There are only quantitative differences between graphene and silicene such as lattice constant, Fermi velocity, spin-orbit coupling strength etc. But qualitatively the properties of these materials are similar to graphene. You can see the gap as a function of buckling in figure 3 of the above reference.
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