Gravitation by Misner or something similar

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In summary, the conversation discussed recommendations for a book on general relativity. The person was looking for a book but found it to be out of print and expensive. Suggestions were made for alternative books, including a more recent one by Zee, as well as Schutz for those with no previous experience. The book by Sean Carroll was also mentioned, with a recommendation to watch accompanying videos. Notes from Carroll and additional resources were also suggested.
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I was looking for this book but it appear that is out of print and the only copies available are very expansive, so what book would you recommend on GR? I mean, i want some in-depth textbook.
Thanks! ;)
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Zee is good.

If you have no previous experience with the mathematics of general relativity, I'd recommend starting with Schutz.
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Ah ok, i was eyeballing the book from Zee! I'm reading right now a book about tensor calculus and another book on differential forms. What about the book from Sean Carroll?
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TonyEsposito said:
What about the book from Sean Carroll?

I liked the notes Carroll's book started out as before the book was published. If he mostly added to those without changing the presentation much, then it's probably fine.
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I recently purchased the book by Hobson and going through it - I really like it.

Don't buy the paperback ;)

Although this is no replacement for a book, I would also recommend watching the following video assuming you know calculus and are familiar with Special Relativity. It goes so well until 1:38:53 and then it is bit rushed. Great intro nonetheless.
followed by the following lectures (expect a lot of hand waving).

You could also refer to the following notes (Caroll)
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1. What is the concept of gravitation according to Misner?

According to Misner, gravitation is the force of attraction between two objects with mass. It is described by the theory of general relativity, which states that mass causes a curvature in the fabric of space and time, resulting in the force of gravity.

2. How does Misner's theory differ from Newton's theory of gravitation?

Misner's theory of gravitation, also known as general relativity, differs from Newton's theory in that it takes into account the curvature of space and time caused by mass. It also explains the force of gravity as a result of this curvature, rather than an instantaneous action at a distance.

3. What are some real-world applications of Misner's theory of gravitation?

Misner's theory of gravitation has been used to accurately predict the motion of planets and other celestial bodies, as well as the bending of light around massive objects. It also plays a crucial role in technologies such as GPS, which rely on accurate measurements of time and space.

4. Is Misner's theory of gravitation widely accepted in the scientific community?

Yes, Misner's theory of gravitation is widely accepted in the scientific community and has been extensively tested and confirmed through numerous experiments and observations. It is considered to be one of the most successful and accurate theories in physics.

5. How does Misner's theory of gravitation tie in with other theories in physics?

Misner's theory of gravitation is closely related to other theories in physics, such as quantum mechanics and the standard model of particle physics. It also plays a significant role in the study of cosmology and the origins of the universe.

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