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Relativity Gravitation by Misner or something similar

  1. Jun 20, 2016 #1
    I was looking for this book but it appear that is out of print and the only copies available are very expansive, so what book would you recommend on GR? I mean, i want some in-depth textbook.
    Thanks! ;)
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    Zee is good.

    If you have no previous experience with the mathematics of general relativity, I'd recommend starting with Schutz.
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    Ah ok, i was eyeballing the book from Zee! I'm reading right now a book about tensor calculus and another book on differential forms. What about the book from Sean Carroll?
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    I liked the notes Carroll's book started out as before the book was published. If he mostly added to those without changing the presentation much, then it's probably fine.
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    I recently purchased the book by Hobson and going through it - I really like it.


    Don't buy the paperback ;)

    Although this is no replacement for a book, I would also recommend watching the following video assuming you know calculus and are familiar with Special Relativity. It goes so well until 1:38:53 and then it is bit rushed. Great intro nonetheless.

    followed by the following lectures (expect a lot of hand waving).

    You could also refer to the following notes (Caroll)
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