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Gravitational length contraction

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    A short question this time :
    Is the gravitational length contraction an effect which acts parallel as well as perpendicular to the direction of the gravitational field ?
    I suppose it is not occuring perpendicular to it, but I might be wrong and I didn't find a good reference on it.
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    Sorry, stupid question. According to the Schwarzschild metric, it is only in the radial direction.
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    You might also want to think about:

    1) what if one uses isotropic coordinates rather than Schwarzschild coordinates?

    http://io.uwinnipeg.ca/~vincent/4500.6-001/Cosmology/IsotropicCoordinates.htm [Broken]

    2) You might also ask about what happens on an accelerating spaceship, i.e. using Rindler coordinates.

    If the answer does depend on your choice of coordinates, it was really a question about coordinates (or more formally, coordinate charts) rather than a question about physics.
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