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Gravitational lensing and diffraction patterns

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    Does gravitational lensing cause diffraction patterns, such as those seen by single, double, etc slit diffraction? In other words, would x-rays from object X get bent "less" than say microwaves or infrared? Would this happen if the light was passing between binary stars only, or could it potentially happen around a single star such as our own?
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    Jonathan Scott

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    All electromagnetic waves are bent by the same amount by a gravitational field. A massive object travelling very close to c would be bent by the same amount too.
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    Gravitational lensing does produce a somewhat diffused/blury imaging as light closer to the mass is bent more than light passing a greater distance.
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    I probably can't use that as an excuse for my glasses, though. Bummer.

    BUT - it bends x-rays at x distance the same as microwaves at x distance, and vice-versa for both at y distance, right?
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