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Gravity corrections- latitude correction

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    i have i problem with many parts to it that the forums may be able to help me with. ive been given a scenario which involves gravity surveys along a path, in summary here it is:

    a gravity survey is taken at an initial latitude of 45 degrees and has an azimuth of 30 degrees.

    ive also been given a list of gravity data readings, but its not the problem. the question asks to apply necessairy corrections and i know latitude correction is one. my problem is how to determine the correction for each reading given. i know i have to draw a triangle from the start (45 degrees) and a line going out from there 30 degrees. i have found the distance ive traveled north when i travel along the azimuth.

    we have been given a correction formula: g= -8.108 sin 2 theta where theta is the given degree of latitude.

    at this point i am stuck. how do you find the correction for example if i move 25.98 meters in a north direction?
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    There is an equation for g vs. latitude at


    Scroll about 1/2-way down the page. Just after the section title "Mathematical models", you'll see the equation.

    p.s. Welcome to PF.
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