What is Latitude: Definition and 70 Discussions

In geography, latitude is a geographic coordinate that specifies the north–south position of a point on the Earth's surface. Latitude is an angle (defined below) which ranges from 0° at the Equator to 90° (North or South) at the poles. Lines of constant latitude, or parallels, run east–west as circles parallel to the equator. Latitude is used together with longitude to specify the precise location of features on the surface of the Earth. On its own, the term latitude should be taken to be the geodetic latitude as defined below. Briefly, geodetic latitude at a point is the angle formed by the vector perpendicular (or normal) to the ellipsoidal surface from that point, and the equatorial plane. Also defined are six auxiliary latitudes that are used in special applications.

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  1. P

    Finding the apparent acceleration due to gravity versus latitude

    I began by drawing a diagram and resolving the forces. Since the question asked for 'apparent gravity' I tried to find the normal force. I started with the equations: $$\\(\frac{GM}{R^2}-N)sin\lambda-Fsin\lambda=m\omega^2Rcos\lambda$$ $$\\(\frac{GM}{R^2}-N)sin\lambda-Fcos\lambda=0$$ Solving...
  2. M

    I How to find Heliocentric latitude data for each planet?

    Does anyone know where to find information (or software or calculator) able to show on which days / time (2021) where Mercury (and other planets) are as low/high as possible on the heliocentric latitude For example: like the animation seen in the link below. The problem with this site is that...
  3. mncyapntsi

    Centripetal acceleration along a latitude of Earth

    Hello, I am attempting to correctly solve this problem, however I end up with an equation that is slightly different as the one provided in the textbook solution. For question (a) I get the same thing, just instead of cos, I have cos^2 and I can't figure out where I went wrong. My process was...
  4. LCSphysicist

    Kleppner 7.10 — Using a gyroscope to measure latitude

    I am not sure about a, but i think as long as there is no torque about the Lp direction, it will remain constant with relation to the polar star. I would like help in proof this mathematically. I just don't know how to proceed, i wonder if i would need to consider the torque provide by...
  5. N

    I Finding the Sun's Angle from Longitude, Latitude & Time/Date

    If you had your longitude/latitude, and the time/date, how could I go about working out the angle between your normal and the sun? At first I was doing a simplistic approach of assuming elliptical orbit in only two dimensions and that the Earth is a perfect sphere,Can I get a more accurate...
  6. davenn

    Stargazing Geomagnetic Storming: High Latitude Regions Alerted 15-18 Feb

    Hi everyone A large and well placed coronal hole is now in a geo-effective position. This will most likely produce geomagnetic storming for high latitude regions in both the northern and southern hemispheres ( 40 deg and higher) Keep an eye on the sky for the 15th to 17th Feb. ( with the...
  7. J

    I Calculation of daily solar insolation

    Hi all, I'm trying to calculate the daily solar insolation (integrated solar irradiances from sunrise to sunset) for a given location and day of the year. For latitude 43.2° and April 15th, I get: H0 = (solar constant * scale factor for intra annual variation of sun-earth distance * 86400...
  8. J

    I Reference point of geocentric lunar latitude?

    I'm attempting to use an algorithm translated from Jean Meeus: Astronomical Algorithms. The algorithm in question finds a geocentric position of the moon given a certain day. I have been able to find the geocentric longitude of the moon, but I don't know what this longitude is in reference to...
  9. Clara Chung

    Question of latitude of Earth and measured field strength

    Homework Statement My book said: As the Earth is rotating about its axis, objects on the Earth's surface are performing circular motion. Therefore, objects on the Earth are accelerating and they need a centripetal force. The weight contributes a small portion to the centripetal force needed...
  10. Hardik Batra

    B How Does Latitude Affect Gravity and Centripetal Force on Earth?

    Here the particle is performing circular motion due to the rotation of the earth. And for the circular motion it requires centripetal force then which force provides the necessary centripetal force. I think it is mgcos(lamda). Am i right?
  11. Philosophaie

    I The declination at the horizon in the east at a latitude

    I am trying to find the declination at the horizon in the east at a particular latitude. The equation is: delta = asin(sin(lat)*sin(Alt) - cos(lat)*cos(Alt)*cos(Azi)) where Azi is the azimuth and is equal to 90 degrees in the eastern most direction. Alt is the Altitude and is equal to 0...
  12. T

    Shortest Distance Between Two Latitude/Longitude Coordinates

    Homework Statement We need to find the shortest distance between two given cities. For this I'll use Bangkok, Thailand (13°N, 100°E) and Havana, Cuba (23°N, 82°W ). Earth is assumed to be perfectly spherical with a radius of 6.4x106m. These aren't the places we were given but the coordinates...
  13. M

    Euler angles in latitude longitude space

    In most physics introductions Euler angles(pitch, roll, yaw) are defined with respect to Cartesian coordinate system. If I chose not to use a Cartersian coordinate system but instead use a latitude, longitude and a proprietary vertical coordinate(and no back transformations to Cartersian...
  14. E

    Modeling of Low Latitude Ionospheric Irregularities

    I'm studying Modelling of Low Latitude Ionospheric Irregularities by A. K. Singh et al., at a research level. I really need help on the explanation of this paper as several messages to the authors has left no replies. Link to the paper...
  15. Ben Arnold

    Calculating the latitude/longitude from known distance

    For a small distance (in the range of 10's of metres) how can I calculate the latitude/longitude of a point if I know the distance in ΔN and ΔE from a known latitude/longitude using the 'flat earth' assumption? Thanks in advance :)
  16. 2

    Model of how temperature depends on latitude?

    Homework Statement I was asked to 'Use a very simple model to find how the Earth’s temperature should vary with latitude.' Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I was thinking about flux and how this should be proportional to the temperature. So I first thought about the area that is...
  17. W

    How Much Declination Do Stars Need for a Luck City at Latitude 35°?

    People in the past thought that a city which the length of the visible arc of a star's path in that city is longer, that city is the luck city; Now, for a city with a latitude of 35° how much should be the star's declination to be the luck city?
  18. Philosophaie

    Measuring the current Longitude and Latitude of your current position

    Is there such a electronic device that measures the current Longitude and Latitude of your current position on the Earth?
  19. z.js

    Calculating latitude and longitude at any time

    Calculating latitude at noon is easy: say I got ##73^o## on 6/20/2014 So, ##90^o-73^o=17^o## then ##17^o+(\frac{1}{91})^o=17.01^o##(i forgot how to find N or S:biggrin: Calculating longitude is also easy: First I set my watch to 12 00 at solar noon. Then, I find the time difference between my...
  20. E

    How do I express magnetic latitude as geographic latitude/longitude?

    For a circle of latitude on the Earth centred on the magnetic pole, how do I represent that in geographic coordinates (lat and long), centred on the geographic pole?
  21. L

    Meridians and Circles of Latitude of a surface of revolution

    Homework Statement Find the meridians and circles of latitude of a surface of revolution ##X(t, \theta) = (r(t)cos(\theta), r(t)sin(\theta), z(t))##. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I honestly just need a definition of what these concepts are. My book, as an aside for...
  22. E

    How can I calculate Magnetic Latitude?

    Hello, I'm building an application in which I need to obtain the magnetic latitude for use in another calculation. There are many website online that can calculate this for you, mostly point and click on a map, or enter your latitude and longitude into a form. But I'm wondering how they...
  23. E

    Calculating what latitude aurora is visible using KP Index

    Is there a formula to calculate at what latitude you are able to see the aurora, given some value like K-index? From the NOAA website on space weather, they have some global maps with lines showing where on Earth its most likely to see the aurora, what I'm wondering is how they calculated this.
  24. R

    Linear Speed of Earth at latitude 40° N

    Homework Statement a) What is the angular speed ω about the polar axis of a point on Earth's surface at latitude 40° N? (Earth rotates about that axis.) I solved this part b) What is the linear speed v of the point? Homework Equations v = ωr where r = radius of Earth at latitude 40°N The...
  25. E

    Calculate zenith distance given latitude and time of year?

    Homework Statement Calculate the zenith distance at noon in a location whose latitude is 40° North on Dec 22 (winter solstice)2. Homework Equations + information I know the zenith distance is the angle between the sun and the zenith, and that during the winter solstice the northern...
  26. W

    Latitude & longitude & air pressure

    Hi there, I have a peculiar question. Imagine that you are in a Earth position, obtained by google, that gives you the latitude and longitude. Those values are given in the decimal notation (ex: lat=20.44 ; long=-8.5). Now imagine that you want to know the air pressure in your position...
  27. A

    Calculating longitude and latitude given the duration of sunset

    Hello! I've been trying to solve this problem for some time but I can't seem to find the answer. Can you help me? Homework Statement On the night of 5th april an observer watches the sunset(η = 3.5 minutes,η = correction of time). The solar disk touched the horizon at 20h 02 m 02 s and then...
  28. M

    Stargazing Is my telescope compatible with my latitude?

    Is my telescope "compatible" with my latitude? I have a Newtonian Celestron Astromaster 114EQ (CG-2 equatorial mount) and the manual says: "The Astromaster CG-2 mount can be adjusted from about 20 to 60 degrees [...]". The latitude where I'm is -15º. What does this excerpt means for me. I...
  29. D

    Which Latitude has the Smallest Radius?

    °Homework Statement I need to find which latitude has the smallest radius. 40°30'13" or 30°40'13" Homework Equations -None- The Attempt at a Solution I converted from DMS to degree and got: 40°30'13" ≈ 40.72° and 30°40'13" ≈ 30.88° Since the Earth is not a perfect...
  30. S

    How does declination and right ascension relate to latitude / longetude?

    It seems to me declination lines are vertical like longitude, and coordinates is measured horizontally (but if it runs vertical than how could it be measured as 0° at the equator?), and right ascension lines run horizontal like latitude with coordinates measured vertically. However this...
  31. A

    Calculating Latitude from Zenith Distance: A Practical Guide

    Hello everyone! First of all,this is not a homework question :D It's just a problem that I want to solve but I don't know how(it was given at the astronomy olympiad 2011) Observations were done by the naked eye on June 16, 2008, Universal time was used. An observer has registered that a star...
  32. M

    Longitude conversion according to your latitude

    I have two latitude/longitude points. They are really close together. What I want to do is find the difference between the two longitides and calculate how many yards that would be. If I did the calculation with with the two latitudes, it would be just 2025yds per minute of latitude. However...
  33. F

    Determination of Earths radius with known latitude and sun travel times

    Homework Statement You and a friend decide to determine the radius of the Earth. You synchronize watches; then your friend drives 50km due west, at latitude 40°. Each of you determines the time when the Sun lies due south -- on the meridian Your friend observes the Sun to be on her meridian...
  34. W

    How can you determine the latitude of your house?

    can anyone determine the latitude of his house without using a GPS? how people determine the position of a ship in the times of navigation? this problem has baffled me for a long time.
  35. Gannet

    Converting RA & Dec into Normal Earth Surface Latitude & Longitude

    Good Day Everyone, Been searching this site and the internet for over a week and have not found the answer to my questions. What I want to do, is take the sun's and moon's RA and Dec and convert them to their normal Earth surface coodinate (latitude & longitude). Also, should I be using...
  36. L

    Solar irradiation on the Earth as a function of latitude.

    Homework Statement Given the following info: Solar output(modulus of the Poynting vector): 1.4kW/m^2 Earth radius: 6370km Average Earth orbit radius: 1.49*10^11 m Find the total power output of the Sun, power received on the Earth, and the power received in Spain if its surface area is...
  37. I

    How to Use a Sundial to Find Latitude: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Homework Statement Use the graph (attached) to find the latitude of your observing location. Show your calculation on how to derive the latitude.Homework Equations The angle of elevation at noon has been calculated as 49.5\circ. The data was recorded on the 2nd of May (42 days after the 21st...
  38. H

    Longitude and Latitude to Distances

    Hi, How can I calculate the longitudinal and lateral displacement from the longitude and latitude in degrees from a GPS. Thx!
  39. M

    Sun Local Hour Angle and Latitude

    Homework Statement if: H = Local Hour Angle Lat = Latitude. Dec = Sun Declination. cos(H) = -sin(a)-sin(Lat)*sin(Dec) / cos(Lat)*cos(Dec) I wand to get The value of Lat . The Attempt at a Solution I Tried to make it simple By : 1 - multiply both sides by the denominator 1-...
  40. S

    Converting Longitude and Latitude into Meters

    Hi, I'm trying to convert latitude and longitude into meters (x,y). I was thinking of UTM however I don't understand the equations as the ones I've seen just go on forever. Could somone help me understand how to use these equations? heres the website that I've been trying to understand...
  41. T

    Calculating the Speed of a Plane for a Stationary Sun at 26.3° Latitude

    Homework Statement How fast must a plane fly at a latitude of 26.3° so that the sun stands still relative to the passengers? Homework Equations I have no idea how I can solve this question. I would like to draw a free-body diagram, but I don't know how to do that either. If I could...
  42. S

    Relationship between Altitude and Latitude

    If you are in the southern hemisphere in winter and the South Celestial Pole has an altitude of 20 degrees, what is your latitude on earth?
  43. D

    What is the relationship between latitude and the accuracy of an atomic clock?

    Atomic clock should record different time depending on their geo location: different latitude -> different rotation speed. Question: The most precise time on Earth - where is it valid? On what Latitude?
  44. M

    Astronomy Question: Maximum latitude

    1. Taking the latitude of Dublin as 53.3 degrees North, and the tilt of the Earth's axis and the lunar orbit to be 23.5 and 5 degrees respectively, what is the maximum altitude of the Moon as seen from Dublin? What is the maximum altitude as seen from the North pole? 2. Homework Equations...
  45. Z

    Gravitational field strength at latitude

    This figure is captured from my physics textbook and it is about the gravity at latitude http://pix.gogobox.com.tw/out.php?i=567045_.JPG I want to know the difference between mg0 and mg(theta). Which one is the weight of the object? Thank you!
  46. D

    An explanation for the apparent gradient of tidal amplitude with latitude?

    I teach marine biology and have been presenting the traditional model of the equilibrium tidal theory (2 humps on rotating earth) as still presented in most basic texts, but have not been able to find the theory or presumed explanation for the apparent generally increasing amplitude in tidal...
  47. A

    Latitude 56°30'38.00'' N, Longitude 20°59'47.00'' E

    I am at 56°30'38.00''N 20°59'47.00'' E
  48. F

    Algal Blooms: Locations & Latitude Correlation

    Can someone tell me where algal blooms occur? I'm basically interested in knowing if they're more frequent in certain latitudes (colder regions).
  49. W

    Variation of gravity along latitude

    Factor contributes to variation of gravity along latitude is: 1. shape of the earth 2. rotation of the earth gravitational field strength is resolved into two components, (R cos\theta)\omega square, and g' at the poles,\theta =90 degree, therefore, g' = g which is 9.81 at the equator...
  50. Philosophaie

    Longitude and Latitude angle at 12M

    At longitude = 0 and latitude = 0 what angle does it make at midnight? And where is long=0 located, Greenwich, England?