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Gravity is a limitless supply of energy to inflaton field

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    In the Fabric of the cosmos, B Greene indicates that 'as the universe expands, matter and radiation lose energy to gravity while inflaton field gains energy from gravity' (page 312). I can accept that statement, but in his note no. 2 (page 524), he indicates that 'the special feature about gravitational field, is that it can become arbitrarily negative, and is essentially a limitless supply of energy'. How can gravity be limitless supply of energy is my question?

    Any explanations or references would make me happy. Thank you :-)
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    Thank you
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    "Bad" in the sense of "inconvenient", yes; but it's an inconvenient feature of reality, not GR. Don't shoot the messenger. :wink:
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    Yes, thanks for the clarification.
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    Your comments are much appreciated, thank you both
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