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Studying GRE physics - need advice studying material

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    So, a friend and I are writing the GRE physics in two months. We are both studying in Sweden where almost NOBODY ever writes the GRE, and none of my fellow students know what it is.

    There is therefore a great shortage of advice, experience, tips, standardized courses and material.

    Are there any well-accepted, popular homepages or internet-resources which outline good sources for studying - such as certain books which are considered to be optimal for repeating the bachelor-level physics, etc.

    In other words, we would be VERY grateful for any links to pages, blogs or other sources that detail how one should go about this monstrous task most effectively.

    Thanks in advance,
    two Swedish physicists
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    Sorry for the unrelated response, but could I ask what institution you guys are at?
    I have been looking for master's programs in theoretical physics and there are some interesting ones in Sweden, so I was just wondering.

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    To prepare for the GRE, the best thing is to buy a book that has practice exams so that you can (A) see what areas you need to study more and (B) get a good idea of what the test is like.

    The books by Kaplan, ETS, or Princeton Review are all pretty good. Do not get any books from REA, they are full of errors and their practice questions do not resemble the actual test. You could search on amazon.com for the books, I doubt they are available in local bookstores.
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