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Testing Need Help planning my study for Physics GRE

  1. Jun 3, 2017 #1


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    Hi all,

    I will be taking the Physics GRE in September/October of this year.

    I am looking to (on average) take a couple hours per day to study for the physics GRE starting as soon as possible.

    However, I need a smart study plan (obviously it's a big world out there!)

    First, I've noticed a top 'hit' when it comes to this question is the book entitled: "Conquering the Physics GRE" which can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Conquering-Physics-GRE-Yoni-Kahn/dp/1479274631

    My problem with this book is that many of the reviews on amazon say that this book did not help at all. I don't want to spend my limited money and time on a book that will be nothing like the test so I am reasonably worried regarding this.

    That's why I come here in hopes to find the best possible recommendations for my study plan. If you can give me any suggestions, that would be great.

    Thank you.

    ps: 1,000th post.
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    I don't think you need that book unless specified by the institution itself.
    You can study the relevant topics through internet.that will increase your knowledge more.
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    Anyone have any input here on books/resources that you would personally suggest?
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    The best resource is the most recent released tests, especially the latest one (the older ones are not great representatives of what the test is like today).

    It's hard to say about practice books, but I would start by looking at one of the more recent tests (not the most recent one, you should use that as a practice test) since it will probably give you a good idea of what you need to study. There are also tons of resources online you can probably find on google.
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    The "Conquering the Physics GRE" book is not totally useless, but the questions it asks are at a much higher level than the GRE itself. My experience with the book is that if you can solve the questions it presents, you will do just fine on the pGRE. I used this book to study, but in hindsight a better technique to study is to go through the practice tests (maybe 2 of the ~5), try to answer them, and use that to figure out where the holes in your knowledge are. 90% of the questions, in my opinion, can be aced by thorough study of Griffith's E&M, Griffith's QM, any undergrad thermo/stat mech textbook (Schroeder?), and an analytical mechanics book (Taylor?).
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    Thank you greatly for the help. I have the GRiffith's books.

    I think my plan of study will be to look over the past GRE exams and use that to see where I need help, then go to the books you mentioned. That sounds like a solid plan.
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