What is Gre physics: Definition and 34 Discussions

The GRE physics test is an examination administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The test attempts to determine the extent of the examinees' understanding of fundamental principles of physics and their ability to apply them to problem solving. Many graduate schools require applicants to take the exam and base admission decisions in part on the results.
The scope of the test is largely that of the first three years of a standard
United States undergraduate physics curriculum, since many students who plan to continue to graduate school apply during the first half of the fourth year. It consists of 100 five-option multiple-choice questions covering subject areas including classical mechanics, electromagnetism, wave phenomena and optics, thermal physics, relativity, atomic and nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, laboratory techniques, and mathematical methods. The table below indicates the relative weights, as asserted by ETS, and detailed contents of the major topics.

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  1. S

    Masters in physics with a bachelors in liberal arts

    I am a liberal arts student who is interested in pursuing physics after graduating. I've taken some physics courses over the last 2 years. They are waves and oscillations, classical electrodynamics, Qm1 and Qm2, statistical physics, and one course in experimental physics. I have learned topics...
  2. R

    Programs How to pursue a physics grad program with a math degree?

    Hello, I hold a BS in mathematics and want to pursue a career in physics. Is there any way where I can directly join a physics grad program from my current background? What are the options available? And would it be better to pursue an MS in applied math and then switch to physics? Would a good...
  3. S

    Physics Computer vision engineer looking for career change into physics

    I am a computer science graduate working in computer vision , remote sensing field for a private company. Been studying physics on my own for curiosity(A levels, H&R books, feynman essentials) . I developed interest in physics few years back and I have been searching for ways to convert my...
  4. shahbaznihal

    Testing Electricity and Magnetism section in GRE Physics

    Hi, I am taking GRE Physics this year and I am preparing from Conquering GRE Physics book and I have covered everything in that book on Electricity and Magnetism (yet to study Optics and Waves). My question: How much from Griffith Electrodynamics book do I need to study? Or is the material in...
  5. M

    Chem Eng student, scored 990 on GRE Physics

    Hi, so I am from the UK, and we do a levels at school. I had four A levels at A grade (pretty average, hard workers can get A*) and an A at AS physics but my overall A level in Physics was B (I fast tracked the 2 year course in one during my gap year after school). I only needed Bio, Chem and...
  6. Hamza Abbasi

    Relativistic Velocity Addition

    Homework Statement Two spaceships pass each other. Spaceship A moves relative to nearby planet at velocity v1 , while spaceship B moves at velocity v2 relative to the planet . How fast does spaceship A moves relative to spaceship B. Homework Equations Velocity Transformation : v* =...
  7. Q

    Studying GRE for mathematics and for physics

    How much is it difficult for a person to write Gre subject tests mathematics and physics without mathematics and physics background? How long should they prepare?
  8. N

    Schools Graduate School Admissions for Astronomy Program

    Hi Everyone! I am a senior student going at a liberal arts college currently majoring in Physics. I am applying to graduate schools in Astronomy this fall semester. I would like to ask what are the odds of getting into the best astronomy programs with the following background: Major GPA: 4.00...
  9. M

    Degrees of freedom of harmonic oscillator

    Homework Statement A three-dimensional harmonic oscillator is in thermal equilibrium with a temperature reservoir at temperature T. The average total energy of oscillator is A. ½kT B. kT C. ³⁄₂kT D. 3kT E. 6kT Homework Equations Equipartition theorem The Attempt at a Solution So I know the...
  10. B

    Admissions Find Out the Latest GRE Test Dates and Submission Tips - Don't Miss Out!

    Hi all. This year the subject test dates are scheduled for September 17th, and October 29th, with scores being available online on October 17th, and November 28th respectively. I know the magic cut-off time for some of the schools I was looking at seem to be around mid-December. I was...
  11. B

    Testing Using Irodov's Problems in general physics for PGRE

    Hello , I'm preparing for the GRE subject test in Physics. I have Irodov's Problems in general physics. I think that this book contains a large number of very interesting and somewhat challenging collection of problems. Is this book suitable for GRE study ? My goal is to get 900+ on the test.
  12. I

    Schools 770 PGRE : Send score to schools that say 'recommended'?

    I got a 770 (65%) on the PGRE. I am an international student with a US master's degree in engineering, with no quantum mechanics or electromagnetism courses on my transcripts. I was wondering if I should send PGRE scores to schools that say it's recommended. The schools I had in mind are Brown...
  13. F

    Difficulty of question asked in PGRE exam

    Hi friends , I am an electrical engineering student , interested in applying M.S in physics program in Europe . So i have started preparing for this , when i searched the web how to study for PGRE , most effective and common suggestion is go through the recommended books for each subject and...
  14. L

    Testing GRE Physics Subject Test Course Equivalents

    I'm trying to make a check list of courses I need to study and review for the GRE Physics Subject Test. I have a few questions following the list. Thank-you for any help. Engineering Physics I Engineering Physics II Modern Physics Electricity & Magnetism Statistical Mechanics & Thermodynamics...
  15. Lagraaaange

    Schools Apply to Graduate school this year or wait until graduation?

    Ideally I'd like to apply to graduate school for physics (leaning towards Astrophysics or Condensed matter); however, I don't think my course work or research is sufficient. I'm already using an extra year to complete the degree (I changed to physics the end of my Sophomore year) and wouldn't...
  16. blue_leaf77

    Register for GRE Physics Subject Test | Tips & Deadlines for Fall 2021

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to take GRE physics subject test probably around Fall this year. This is going to be my first experience taking GRE. I have some questions regarding this. If the application deadline in my desired university is somewhere in December, when should I take the GRE subject...
  17. P

    Testing What book to buy for GRE physics exam

    So I could need any advice concerning the GRE subject exam in Physics. What book to buy is exactl what is going on now in mind. I know there are several publishers with different authors but I can't decide what to buy knowing that time is not on my side. I not GRE books then I might need...
  18. electricspit

    Preparing for the GRE Physics Exam: Resources & Tips

    Hey! I'm planning on applying at some schools in the US next year/this year and I need ot take the GRE exam this fall. I've looked at some old exams and they look pretty straightforward, but I was wondering if anyone knew any resources for the physics exam (i.e. practice tests etc.). Thanks!
  19. F

    Testing Prepare for GRE Physics: Tips & Sample Questions

    Hi there! I am a second year undergraduate students and planning to take GRE. When should I apply it? What should I prepare for this test? Are there any sample questions of the test available? Thanks a lot for helping.
  20. F

    GRE physics question need explained

    Homework Statement See image. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Here is the solution provided and the answer is B, but I disagree with this explanation. I agree that g(x)=1 and g(x)=e^(0)=1 makes a continuous function, however I don't see how one would ever be able to use x=0...
  21. N

    Testing Is the GRE Physics a sensible test? What does it test for?

    Hello, I'm currently at the graduated undergrad level concerning physics and I'm considering eventually doing a PhD in America. Usually this requires a Physics GRE test, which is meant to check whether you have absorbed the necessary knowledge from the undergraduate studies. Good. Well, I...
  22. S

    Testing GRE physics: Evaluation of my abilities

    Dear Friends, I am planning to take physics GRE test in October, between October and now I have nothing to do but to study physics. I have a three year Bachelor degree in Natural Sciences (i.e. equal emphasis on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). So here is what I know: I understand although...
  23. C

    Testing GRE Physics Syllabus: Depth & Lab Methods

    Hi I'm studying for the GRE exam and time is not on my side. So I wanted some idea of how much depth I need to go into in some of the more complex areas. The syllabus mentions the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulation, noninertial reference frames and mathematical methods like Fourier...
  24. S

    Schools Help undergrad freshman with GRE Physics, Mathematics, Graduate school plans

    Please read the essay it is relevant. I just finished high school.. I am going to start Electrical and Electronics Engineering course in a crap university, I neither like the university nor the subject, but this is the best I can get as there is no other option in my country and I don't have...
  25. C

    Testing GRE physics - need advice studying material

    So, a friend and I are writing the GRE physics in two months. We are both studying in Sweden where almost NOBODY ever writes the GRE, and none of my fellow students know what it is. There is therefore a great shortage of advice, experience, tips, standardized courses and material. Are...
  26. Goddar

    Testing Is a Low GRE Physics Score a Dealbreaker for Top Schools?

    Hi everyone, i won't be the 1st (or the last) to ask the $1Million question about his GRE score, but i need the opinion of knowledgeable persons. First the good sides: my GPA is a nice and pure 4.00; i think my recommendations are good (2 professors who truly praised my work, one friend who...
  27. V

    Testing Should I Submit My GRE Physics Subject Test Score for Grad School Applications?

    I have been trying to figure out whether I should submit my physics subject test score to grad schools if it is optional. I scored a 29 percentile on the test which despite being relatively high for my school doesn't look great on a grad school app. 'm not applying to any really top schools but...
  28. U

    Testing GRE Physics Prep for non-physicist

    Hello again, I'm planning on apply to a few medical physics programs in the fall, most of which do not require the physics GRE subject test. However, one does, and I really want to apply there. My thoughts? It wouldn't hurt to learn some more physics. I am a nuclear engineering major, so...
  29. A

    Testing GRE Physics without Quantum Mechanics

    I'm going to be taking the GRE Physics not having taken any formal classes in Quantum Mechanics or Advanced Electromagnetism. Obviously, I have taken the basic Freshman/Sophmore year E&M but I haven't taken the advance level class yet. Also, I have taken an Intro to Modern Physics class which...
  30. Reshma

    Testing GRE Physics Test Registration: When and How to Sign Up?

    Hello Everyone! I am planning to appear for the GRE-Physics test this year. As most of you all know it is offered 3 times a year viz. October, November & April. However, in India (where I study) the subject test is offered only in the month of November. The 2008-09 test dates are out, but...
  31. D

    Studying Top GRE Physics Books for Optics: Expert Recommendations

    Hi guys, What are the best books you did use to prepare for the "GRE Physics test"? More precisely, I am seeking your advice for an easy book explains the light and its applications (optics). Thanks a lot for your kindness and help
  32. L

    Testing GRE Physics - These materials enough?

    GRE Physics -- These materials enough? Hi friends, I need your input regarding what else needs to score good in GRE Physics. Documents and Ebooks I have for GRE Physics Preparation : --------------------------------------------------------------- Synopsis on Electricity and Electronics...
  33. B

    Testing Maximizing Your Pre-Med Education: Essential Courses for Med School Success

    I consider myself premed, i.e. taking org chem,bio etc and only want to go to med school... but i'll be done with those prereqs at the end of this year, and i consider majoring in math. i.e. the last 2 years of undergrad i could do any major i want. and i wanted to know what courses are...
  34. E

    Testing How Does Preparing for the GRE Physics Test Benefit Your Career?

    Share your experiences about benefits that u got by taking GRE Physics test. U can also tell the story about your preperation for the test.