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Grin Lenses vs Convex

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    I am interested in comparing the effectiveness of GRIN lenses vs aspheric-convex ones for collimating laser beams. I can imagine some practical advantages however I would be interested in any information comparing the advantage of one method over the other from an optical standpoint.

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    Andy Resnick

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    I have limited experience using those devices; AFAIK they are only required for very specific applications. What is your specification for collimation, and why can't you use a pinhole/plano-convex lens?
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    we are setting up a delicate fiber laser focusing system. The beam is being crunched down from 4mm to about .05mm. This will be deployed in a mecahnically rough (marine) envirionment. The commercial grin lens devices are attractive, self contained etc. But from a technical point of view my understanding, which is somewhat dated, is that some basic bi-convex lens constructs can superceed the quality of a grin lens with regards to spherical ab.
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