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Hackers get Mac running Windows

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    :rolleyes: What is the world coming to?

    Hackers have managed to get Microsoft's Windows XP operating system running on an Apple Mac computer.

    The success ends a competition started to see if the feat was even possible when Apple unveiled computers that used Intel chips.

    The pair who managed the feat won $13,854 (£7,895) in prize money for their trouble.

    The software used to put Windows on the Mac is now being circulated so others can try to replicate the success.


    What a horrible thing to do! :yuck: :biggrin:
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    Don't you know ? Resistance is futile. [​IMG]
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    Yeah .... :rofl: , these are some sick dudes :biggrin: .
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    They are just plain evil! EVIL, I tell you! :biggrin:

    Windows is bad enough, but XP?! :yuck:

    I can't tell you how many headaches over incompatibility I've had.

    And I discovered too late (i.e. after the fact) that one should not upgrade to XP SP2! Apparently everyone who has upgraded the original SP1 to SP2 has had problems.
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    This is old news I knew you could get windows to runs macs for a few years.I herd it make both windows and macs more effecient.
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    Windows running on Mac hardware is old news? The thing that has made this possible is Apple's switch to the Intel x86 architecture, which has only been recent. I don't see how you would do this previously, unless you were running an emulator, which is not the same thing.
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    In the version I read (don't have the source anymore, don't recall which news source I was reading), they said the folks who managed this were going to continue with it as an open-source project to improve the hack further.

    Apple doesn't really mind...they're not going to make it possible, but the article I read also said they aren't planning to stop anyone from doing it. And why would they? As long as you're willing to buy their computers, I'm sure they couldn't care less what you decide to use them for. And, if it became possible to more easily install Windows on Macs, it would be an easier way for people to transition between OSs without having to buy all new software right away. Install your Windows software initially, and when you're ready to upgrade, upgrade to the Mac version. Or, keep both OSs on the computer and use both for a while until you find which you prefer. Nope, I can't see any reason they'd complain or stop people from trying this.

    Yeah, it's horrid the levels people will stoop to for a little prize money! :rofl:
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    I agree 100%.
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    I read this on /. As far as I understood the competition was to dual boot osX and XP
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