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Hallback Array Closed Loop Coil

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    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and I'm not a physicist. I'm a Cabinet Maker looking for a career change.

    I performed an advanced search on the entire site and was surprised to find not a mention in regards to Halbach Array. My understanding is that the special arrangement of nib magnets can lift 50 times its own weight. This arrangement is used in a fairly new application, amongst others, called "Maglev". The arrangement of the magnets are pretty straight forward. The specs or the means to figure out the closed loop coils used to facilitate the Lorenz force is very difficult to find. There must be a formula or means to measure the strength of a given magnet and from there calculate how to maximize the coil configuration so that the Lorenz force is at its peek. In the Maglev train application a linear motor is used to propel the train but in my application I will only need gravity much like an Olympic bob sled does.

    Can any of you help me find the information I'm searching for or the means to be able to figure this out?

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    Doc Al

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    Halbach Array

    Try searching for Halbach array (after Klaus Halbach). You'll find some discussion here and plenty more with Google.

    And welcome to PF!
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    I second the Welcome to PF. Without even going to Doc's link, though, I think that I see a problem. If your design relies solely upon gravity, you can only run the thing downhill. There can be some coasting to some point up the next hill, but you can never exceed the height at which you start.
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    Like I mentioned, its the coil configuration that I'm having trouble finding any information on. I understand that aluminum is an option but copper would be the best material to use. The Halbach array induces a current which in turn creates an apposing magnetic field. The levitation only occurs when your sled is moving in excess of 2.5 km/hr. I've searched the web(Google) and read of the inductrack info extensively to find very little mentioned in regards to the coil setup.

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