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Halliday Resnick and Krane answer key for self study

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    I'll be starting grad school soon after taking two years off since undergrad. As a review, I'd like to go through all of Halliday Resnick and Krane's 5e "physics," doing as many problems, questions, exercises, and multiple choices as I can. Does anyone know where I could find an answer key for the multiple choice and questions (I have the instructors solutions manual but it only has exercises and problems)? Since most of them are so elementary it doesn't make much sense for me to verify each one individually; I'd like to just go through the entire book in a few days and check my answers quickly to make sure my time off didn't warp my understanding of basic physics.

    Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.
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    Its a very old edition, the solution manual is about 21 MB. I suggest you download the latest edition with included solution manual. I cant post the link here as it is illegal to umm..

    If you googled it you would've found it by now, which really should be the warning to anyone who tries to start a new thread
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    Thanks for your response. I have googled, of course, and as I said, I already have the solutions manual. My point (which I think I stated pretty clearly, so I don't really understand your snideness) was that the instructors solutions manual doesn't include answers to the "multiple choice" or "questions," which is why I'm trying to figure out if there exists some kind of supplementary answer-key type document. That way I could go through those conceptual questions very quickly which I think would be more beneficial to making sure I've still got all my facts straight than only doing the problems, many of which are too elementary/tedious. The fact that it is an older, (in my opinion) standard edition I thought would make it easier to find such a key.
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    hi lonetomato,

    were u able to get the answer manual to multiple choice and questions in physics, 5th edition?
    please let me know becoz even i am in search f it
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    Providing solution manuals is not allowed on this forum.
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    Not to mention textspeak.
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