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Hardware Random Generators: Transistors vs Diodes

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    So which method works better for random number generation(in terms of flatter frequency spectrum): transistor breakdown or Zener noise?

    I want to know whether to use a Zener diode or a Transistor when building a white noise generator. And FTR I intend to use Germanium because of its higher electron mobility and lower barrier potential.

    But what about covered photodiode dark saturation current? Has that even been tested as a white noise source(Germanium photodiodes are much noisier than Silicon photodiodes).
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    The LM336 Zener diode this fellow used is of course made of SILICON rather than Germanium. I'd be interested to see the performance spectra for a Germanium diode. But I have yet to see any date for Germanium photodiode dark saturation current. I think I'll try the Germanium transistor breakdown noise approach.

    But this page is quite dated! Much progress has been made in HRNGs(mainly in terms of electro-optical devices).
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    Not my field. Maybe someone with current knowledge will respond.
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