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Hardwares help advices or direction please!

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    i am Vincent!
    i am a new comer in the computer world, and now i want to have information about hardware of a computer to know how a computer work phisically. please help me some ideas or give me some advice about my research!
    thanks for paying time to read my articles.
    by the way,is there anyweb site on the internet that i can buy old electric stuffs?
    thank you!
    have a nice day!
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    I'd suggest a textbook on computer architecture, available from your local library or college bookstore.

    You might also find some worthwhile articles on howstuffworks.com, like this one:


    - Warren
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    Horowitz and Hill: The Art of Electronics
    covers basic electronic circuite, transistors, amplifiers, digital electronics (AND OR NOT etc. gates, and how to do math with them, some implementation assembly commands...), CMOS and TTL, microcomputers, microprocessors... and much more...

    it is not an easy book though, it assumes no previous electronics knowledge, but the learning curve is very steep.

    you might want to get take some other electronics books in addition to this one, sometimes its easier to understand these things when you read several slightly different explanations for the same thing.
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