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Hardware VPN uses / detectability

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    Hello guys,
    I have recently been looking into VPN technology and my limited computer knowledge seems to lead me to believe that a hardware VPN >>> software/website VPN as far as it being secure for not showing the users true location. My interest in a VPN is to be able to be at location X and use the internet appearing to be from location Y. So is a hardware VPN what I am looking for or is a VPN less shielding than I have been reading.


    edit : Also, I don't want this post to seem suspicious so if anyone has advice/can help but wants to know my exact reasoning for wanting a VPN that is no issue at all I only ask that we discuss it via PM.
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    A VPN is a virtual private network. These are used to emulate a LAN (local area network) over the internet (with some level of encryption to protect the virtual LAN). What you're looking for is a fake or anonymous proxy. There are websites that do this, but I'm not sure how this works, does all communication go through the proxy website, or does the website just act as a DHCP and assign your computer a new ip, assuming this ip could be used without encountering issues with your ISP (internet service provider).

    I do recall working for a corporation in the USA that used a French ISP. I'm not sure how it worked, but all the companies ip addresses appeared to come from France.
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    Thanks for your response rc, I was under the impression that proxies were really easy to detect (again I don't really know much about all of this) and I just knew that using a VPN was an idea that I had heard thrown around before.
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    A VPN sets up "temporary" connections between at least two physically separate locations.

    Perhaps an explanation of what a VPN is will help answer your question.


    I design these (as well as more traditional data networks) for a living. It's not what you are looking for although if you accessed the internet at a location other than yours via a VPN, yes you would appear to be at the location of the internet connection. I agree with rcgldr.
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    Thank you very much for your response. My intentions are to have a computer at a designated location, Y, and for me to be able to use my computer at location X but appear to be at Y. I will be looking into this further since it seems like the consensus is that a VPN is not what will satisfy my needs, greatly appreciate your response.
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    If you have two locations, and the internet connection is at the location you wish to appear to be at, then you could remotely connect to that computer and go out the internet there. It just depends if you want to go to the trouble of setting it up.

    Try this, it has links to tutorials, it may not be that difficult for what you need. I only do complex corporate VPN's, this is more for the "do it yourself, personal vpn". I also googled "personal VPN", and there are sites offering it, but I can't say if any of them are trustworthy.
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