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Has Luttinger liquid been experimentally confirmed?

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    it seems that there is no definite proof in experiment ?
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    What would you consider a definite proof? The Luttinger liquid does a good job for e.g. carbon nanotubes and edge states of fractional quantum Hall systems, but it is a linearised theory which can only deal with low energy excitations. As it is a limit, there will clearly be cases when it does not apply. There is ongoing research on the nonlinear regime.
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    For your and others' future reference, this review on the experimental status of the Luttinger liquids was posted on arXiv yesterday: http://arxiv.org/abs/1308.2731

    The review is relatively short, but Giamarchi (the author) covers more tests than I was aware of anyway, and provides references for far more. Very readable and illuminating.

    (The actual journal reference is International Journal of Modern Physics B Vol. 26, No. 22 1244004 (2012). )
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    Have you tried to look? And what do you define as "definite proof", is if there is such a thing in physics?

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