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A Plank Radiation Spectrum Liquids Wavelength VS Temp

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    Are there any Plank Radiation Spectrums for liquids? What I really want to know is, for a given liquid, what wavelength of light is emitted for a given temperature. For example, if I journey to the center of the Earth, the molten lava is about a thousand degrees, hot enough to emit red light --> thus, it seems I would not be in a dark abyss if I travel to the center of the Earth but a glowing, red-yellow abyss all around me. Or if I fell into a molten lake of steel, this too would not be dark, but bright yellow (as seen from web page images). I could not find this kind of data on any liquid and guessed this concept would be where exotic matter specialists would be most likely to know.
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    About 6000 K in the core, as warm as the surface of sun.
    Liquids won't be perfect black bodies, but they can be quite close. Yes, the emit light if you heat them. Steel is a nice example.
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