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Haunching beam

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    Hi guys, how do I design the haunch for the cantilever beam? The slab area is relatively small, with 125thk ( 4.39m x 1190m ). I've looked through everywhere but I can't find on how to design the haunch. I'm using BS 8110. Thanks.
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    I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Maybe a sketch would be helpful.

    The profile of the haunch will depend on why you are using a haunched beam. Do you want to minimise the beam weight by moving material from near the middle to the supported ends so as to better counter the higher moments there?

    Google; ' design of concrete haunched beam '
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    Hey there, thanks for the reply, I've uploaded the sketch, at the left hand side, the slab are non-suspended slab on top of compacted hardcore, while the right hand side it is a suspended slab, with a cantilever beam, support was added to the pilecap to the cantilever beam to prevent overturning, so my question is how do I design the support (labeled as "?" in the sketch)? Thanks!! :D

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    Is this a real engineering job or a homework exercise ?
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    Hi, thanks for the reply, Nidum. This was came up from my supervisor on the "practical study" in my university. It's more like a capstone design. We used software to generate the reinforcement, but hand calculation must be included.
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    Bit of a stretch to call that a haunch - it's more like half of the total structure on that side of the upright member . There is not nearly enough information given to give any good answer on this problem . Intuitively though I am sure that there are better ways of supporting that platform .
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