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Heat Exchanger Thermal Calculations

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    Can anyone get me Heat exchanger thermal formula and equations

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    There's a lot more to understanding heat exchangers than a few formulas...
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    what type of the two fluids used in this heat exchanger?
    the most imp formula which is used with the exchangers its doing the heat balance for these two fluids,lets say its a condenser,
    so the two fluids are the steam and the water,
    the formula used:
    heat added to the water(Qadded)=the heat rejected by the steam(Qrej)
    where:Mdot is:mass flow rate,Cp is:specific heat of water at constant pressure,T is:temperature&h is:the enthalpy of a saturated steam.

    generally,its doing a heat balance for the two fluids using in the heat exchanger by the same way with the condenser.
    let me know if i missed something with what i've mentioned,
    thanks for the forum.
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