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Heat transfer across an infinite plate of constant thickness

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    When modelling the heat transfer through a plate using fouriers equation, what difference would it make if the width and length of the plate were set to a specified value rather than being infinite?
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    I don't understand how you consider width and length of heat exchanger to be infinite.
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    I read the following in a text book:

    "The temperature in the tile is to be analysed by solving Fourier's equation numerically using a finite difference technique. To simplify the problem, the following two assumptions are made: It is modelled as a one-dimensional problem. Only heat flow across the 5cm thickness is considered. The tile is assumed to behave like an infinite plate of 5cm thickness"

    I was just curious as to what difference it would make to the heat transfer if you considered a 3 dimensional model instead
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    I suppose it's like considering uniform effect over the heat exchanger plate. If it is considered finite then heat transfer via outer portion of that plate is difficult to analyse. I am not fully sure but I suppose it's like it.
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