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Heat transfer of a tank connected to Sterling Engine

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    Have a new task, would appreciate some pointers.

    Conducting a heat transfer analysis on a tank with water coming in and out that's to serve as a hot side for a displacing stirling engine. If the inlet q dot into the tank is 1000W. Observing there will be losses due to conduction and convection from the tank to the ambient. How do you go about determining the temperature out of the tank, if say the stirling engine takes in 800W.

    What other factors should I be considering? Are there examples for reference?
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    1000 watt in, 800 watt used by the engine. The 200 watt difference flowing out is irrelevant.
    The water temperature will be reduced by the (lost 800 watt) / (specific heat capacity of water).

    You must therefore also know the mass flow rate of the water since in each second it will be reduced by 800 watts = 800 joules per second.

    The specific heat capacity of water is about 4.2 J /g /K. Or 4200 joule per kg per degree kelvin.
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