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Aerospace Helicopter construction tips wanted

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    So my friend and I are building a helicopter this summer. I was designing the propeller blades and could not figure out what angle a stood for in the pitch equation
    Also if anyone has any tips or has done this, any advice would be extremely helpful!
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    I hate to [STRIKE]pis[/STRIKE]... uh, er... rain on your parade, but the general rule is:
    If you build a helicopter, do not get in it. It's different if you're terminal and your wife has an awesome insurance policy on you, but otherwise buy a kit or a pre-built machine. I know how they work, and I know how to fly one, and I'm something of a genius, but I would not dream of designing and building my own chopper. Also, there's a pretty good chance that you couldn't get it certified for airworthiness by your national regulatory agency.
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    uhhhhhh I'm 17
    I think I got this
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    Jeez, I hope this is a joke...
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    that would be a negative
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    Thread closed as a dangerous activity. If you can convince me via PM that you are truly capable of doing this safely, I may re-open the thread.
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