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Hello Question about Nuclear physics theory

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    Hello it's seems a nice forum, I'm asking for a friend of mine, he have a Nuclear physics theory he would like to publish , so people could give their opinions, is there any good website were there are qualified people who could give me expert opinion for the theory?

    I've search a lot and I couldn't find serious websites,
    thanks in advance.
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    more details would be good, I guess. what is the background of the 'theory'? is it the result of a research project?

    "nuclear physics theory" is way too general to make anything useful from I think. If one wants peer advice, opinion and criticism then the work should be highlighted on some 'pre-publication' service, such as arXiv.org. Of course, posting in the nuclear physics section of this forum with some of the core ideas/suggestions will never hurt..
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    If this is a "new theory" that goes beyond today's generally-accepted theories, then the only place on PF where it is allowed to be posted is in our Independent Research forum. This is a moderated forum and initial postings must be approved by one of the mentors (moderators) before discussion can begin. Please read the guidelines in the sticky post near the top of that forum. Unfortunately you may have to wait a while to get something approved there because it draws a lot of crackpot stuff that most of the mentors don't have an appetite for wading through. :frown:
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    what are basic needs about nuclear physics?
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