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Help finding vendor for specialty wire

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    I'm looking for a specialty wire to make an extension cable for an instrument at the lab. Where can I find a vendor that will sell me this type of wire (or similar):

    7 conductors total
    5 conductors, 28G + sub assembly (carry low voltage DC)
    95% braided shield over all wire
    Sub assembly:
    **2 conductors, 28G twisted pair (carry ~400V @ 25kHz)
    **95% braided shield over sub assembly

    I can't find anyone who makes a shielded cable inside another shielded cable. Help in finding a vendor that has this type of product off-the-shelf would be appreciated!
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    I can't make a specific recommendation, but maybe something like (shielded) Cat-5E or Cat-6? However, I think most of these tend to be foil shielded, instead of braid shielded (if that makes a difference for your application).

    Alternately, perhaps some metal braided sleeving to go over your own custom wire bundle?
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