What is specialty: Definition and 15 Discussions

A specialty channel (also known in the United States as a cable channel or cable network) can be a commercial broadcasting or non-commercial television channel which consists of television programming focused on a single genre, subject or targeted television market at a specific demographic.

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  1. ChemAir

    Misc. Specialty slide rule at the antique store

    It still has the guide cards for how to read it for different types of valves, etc... I found it in a small town store, outside Nashville, TN, USA, picked it up because I haven't seen one of these before. A little tedious to use, but, it is more capable than I would've thought. Thought...
  2. A

    Is a Career in Antenna Design Possible with a Bachelor's Degree in EE?

    I am contemplating about pursuing EE bachelor. My goal is to deal with antennas, signal processing, electronic communication, etc. But all the curricula that I have examined (USA), universities don't seem to offer any courses on antennas. Sig proc - yes, and so are circuit analysis present there...
  3. M

    Most Employable Physics Specialty

    Which physics specialties are the most employable to do work in their field of physics? At a time when academic jobs are rare, and many in the industry work non-physics jobs, are there any specialties that have better chances of doing their line of work in industry? I started my B.A. in...
  4. Geofleur

    Specialty shift and book skipping problem....

    My area of specialty has been geophysics for the last fifteen years, but I have been increasingly drawn toward mathematics, not the pure sort but the sort inspired by physics. Things like investigating the mathematical structure of physical theories and looking for connections between them...
  5. Dans La Lune

    Late stage career change, astrophysics specialty?

    Hi Background in optical/clinical physics ... about to go where - eh, probably many men & women have gone before - and would appreciate some feedback. What's the most interesting, sub-specialty/area of astrophysics and why?
  6. L

    Which specialty should I choose on my last year?

    Greetings, fellow scientists. I've come here due to extreme desperation over a simple fact that causes me a lot of stress: having to choose a specialty for my next year. But first, a bit of elaboration over that. Oh, and the question is going to be long, but I need the help, so if you are...
  7. M

    The most mathmatical specialty

    hi , I'm a 17 year-old girl and I'm going to university next year . The problem is that I have an opportunity to study in " the petroleum institute " in my city and I can't make up my mind on a specific specialty . I would like your help ...the institute offers : Chemical , electrical ...
  8. B

    Help finding vendor for specialty wire

    I'm looking for a specialty wire to make an extension cable for an instrument at the lab. Where can I find a vendor that will sell me this type of wire (or similar): 7 conductors total 5 conductors, 28G + sub assembly (carry low voltage DC) 95% braided shield over all wire Sub assembly...
  9. L

    Engineering with Computer Specialty

    What kind of careers could you have with a B.S. in Engineering with Computer Specialty?
  10. R

    MPhys in the USA? How do I pick a specialty?

    Hi everyone I'm a 3rd year undergrad at the Universty of Leicester in the UK. At the moment I'm on the four year masters course in physics here (so I'll be awarded an MPhys at the end of my 4 years here instead of a bachelors then a masters). I've had a rocky time course-wise recently as I...
  11. I

    Where to find specialty circuits

    I have been looking through the internet and I can't find a place that provides specialty electonic circuits. The type I need is a digital filter with and op-amp. I was told they are available. Can someone plaese tell me where I can find this type of circuit.
  12. M

    Schools What graduate school specialties combine advanced physics and dynamic systems?

    Hello, I'm currently a double major in aerospace engineering and math. I'll be graduating within the next couple years and I know I will be applying to graduate programs in computational/applied math. For graduate school, I want to branch out of purely mechanical problems and go into...
  13. L

    Schools Switching engineering specialty while in grad school

    If I am enrolled in a MS program in chemical engineering but decide I want to switch to mechanical engineering, how hard is that to do. Is it even possible?
  14. K

    Specialty Choices for Engineering/Science: Jobs, Salary, Masters

    Hello, this is my first post to this forum. Been reading through the career guidance forums the last few days. And now, I'm going to ramble excessively to ultimately ask some simple though not necessarily easily answered questions due to the volatile nature of things in general. Run for...