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Help me on my higher studies problem.

  1. Dec 9, 2008 #1
    Hi everyone, I have been wondering about the procedures that could help me to gain admission in the top colleges of US. Actually, I am about to complete my studies in Bombay and need to plan for my further studies abroad …. in US. I have been told about SAT tests and applications I need but I would like to know more and in detail about the procedure to take admission there. Help me please to get all information about it.
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    This is not a very big problem considering the scenario today. You will get lots of information about the studies in US. There are SAT and ACT exams conducted there which are considered for the entrance to colleges. My cousin, who was from Delhi went to US for her higher education and she really prepared hard to take admission there and she also got a great help from the guide www.ApplicationBootCamp.com/self application boot camp. I would recommend the same sources for you to get prepared. The people who wrote it were admissions officers at an Ivy League school in America.
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