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Help Needed Telecommunications Fundamentals Please

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    Hi Guys,
    First off i'd like to say what a site! having found it over the weekend it's given me hope that there may well be hope for me yet.

    I'm in Ireland and in first year of a BSc in Computer Network Administration, it's a new course and im a returning mature student, it's about the best thing i've ever done but at the moment i'm having a little trouble on what is my favorite subject strange enough.

    Telecommunications Fundamentals which covers quiet a bit, Optics, E/M, Modulation etc.
    What im looking for is a step by step approach to this stuff, drawing digrams, conversion of units and the math involved in radio waves, signal power, dB scale.

    I have done a lot of research with google and what have you but im looking for a one stop place that will cover this area of physics and help me get used to the math and terminology in a simple but effective way. Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to the PF, kojack. It is indeed a very helpful place.

    What textbook(s) are you using for this course?
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    I've bought Ohanian, Physics, and Data and Telecommunications(Systems and Data) ant the rest of the material is pretty much hand outs and notes.

    My biggest problem is trying to sort the mass amount of info thats available out there and narrow it down. Physics, as i'm sure you are aware has many fields and a lot of the areas seem to be linked together by one vital subject .i.e math and so thats an area i have to work on but with regard to looking for specific help within the physics arena it is help with radiowaves, modulation, signals, carriers etc but most of all i need to get my head around the math needed and to be able to calculate frequency, time, amplitude along the x axis for eaxmple
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