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Help Needed with Gompertz model.

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    I need help in solving the following solution.
    The Gompertz model has been used to model population growth.
    dy/dt = -ryln(y/k), where r = 0.67 per year, K = 36500 kg,

    Use the Gompertz model to find the predicted value of y(4) .

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    What have you tried so far?
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    That's just it....I am not to sure how to tackle the problem. I know the answer is 31374 kg.

    How do I get is what I need help with.

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    Have you tried solving the differential equation? Do you have any ideas about how you might try to solve it? I'll give you a hint: t does not appear explicitly, and it is a first-order, homogeneous (but nonlinear) equation for y(t). Does this give you any ideas?
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