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Homework Help: HELP: Stable sum and messurable space

  1. Oct 9, 2006 #1

    I some need of urgent assistance to show the following:

    [tex]m(\epsilon)[/tex] is stable under a countable sum.

    Please can somebody explain this to me?

    You Guys are my only hope !

    Sincerely Yours Hummingbird25
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    There really are such things as bad questions.
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    Excuse me ?

    What do I need to rephrase ?

    Sincerley Hummingbird

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    m is messure defined m: \epsilon \rightarrow R_+

    where R_+ is the set for all positive real numbers !

    Sincerley Yours
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    What do you mean by "stable under a countable sum"?
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    I was hoping that you could help define. I have an idear that its about a sequence of sets which \epsilon is defined upon, but I'm not sure.

    Any idears ??


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    What? Where did you get this question? Exactly what did it say? What you said in the last post made no sense.
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