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Help to make a Unit Hydrograph of Reservoir Level - Storage Curve for a Dam

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    I'm just asking for a clue on how to make a unit hydrograph Reservoir Level - Storage Curve for a Dam. I have been searching information on internet, but I could not find anything about that. I would appreciate any idea or suggestion.
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    Chadwick & Morfett

    page 317 under 'flood routing'
    and p318 'reservoir routing'

    gives details of a tabular and finite difference method.

    Other texts also discuss this under flood routing.

    go well
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    Thanks Studiot!
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    Studiot!... I am sorry to bother you, but maybe you can help me giving me some idea!
    I collected hydrological observations from a reservoir (three days average flow rates). These annual three day average flow rate were subject to a goodness of fit test; the results showed that Gumbel, LogNormal and LogPearson Type III distributions ave better fit than the other candidate distributions. Then the three distributions are used to generate the various return periods flood and then be converted into hydrograph for the reservoir routing.

    But my question is... Do you know how to make a unit hydrograph with flood data as input?
    I know how to make it with rainfall as input data; and I have been searching on internet and books but I could not find a procedure where the flood is the input data.
    I would appreciate any idea or information.
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