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Homework Help: Help with centre of mass please

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    its question number 10

    hi all i was wondering if you could help me with my centre off mass question sthanks

    the diagram shows a thing uniform sqaure of metal which has a corner folded over. Calculate the distance the centre of mass of ABCDEF is from A

    thanks you
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    So what techniques do you use to calculate the center of mass of an object? You need to show us how you are starting to solve the problem....
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    i used or tried centr mass of triangle =1/3 height and 1/3 width i then used centre mass of square is 1/2 base and 1/2 height.

    i then took the triangle away from the sqaure a little like this

    centre of mass of triangle
    x=4+4/3=5 and 1/3
    y=4+4/3=5 and 1/3

    centre of mass of sqaure =

    mass of square - 8x8=64
    mass of triangle - 4x4=16

    i tried distance between two points is [(x1-x2)^2+(y1-y2)^2)]^0.5

    but it didnt work :(

    just wondered where im going wrong
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    You may want to check the x distance for your COM of the triangle. And also the mass of your triangle.

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    thyanks buddy i got it now
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