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Homework Help: Help with constant acceleration

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    I've just started studying physics and I'm having difficulty with this problem.

    A jumbo jet must reach a speed of 360km/hr on the runway in order to take off.What is the smallest constant acceleration needed for the jet to take off from a 1.80km runway?

    I'd appreciate some help getting started!
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    The plane needs to start at rest and leave a runway of a certain length at 360 kmph. It needs to accelarate, but it's got limited space to do so. So, you're given the initial and final velocities, the distance, and you need to find the accelaration. What kinematical formula connects all these quantites?
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    Thanks for answering!I'm still a bit confused.Do I need to work out time in order to use the formula?
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    Why not try listing the formulas you have for constant acceleration, as well as a list of what you know. Use the formula that contains your knowns + acceleration and solve for a.
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