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Hi,I have great difficulty understanding some new concepts

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    I have great difficulty understanding some new concepts sometimes. Often I wonder if the door on the days of learning of my brain has been slammed shut. Is it possible that one really can come to understand well, topics which at one time baffle us even in adulthood?

    I'd like to hear your opinions thanks :wink:
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    Hm, that depends on what kind of concepts we're talking about.
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    Kinematics and dynamics of rigid bodies and that type of stuff. Plus it's also a general question, not necessarily aimed at specific areas.
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    Of course! It sometimes helps to leave a particular problem for a while and then come back to it. After awhile you forget some of the details that had you bogged down, and allow you to see things that you kept missing.

    Also, the more you continue to learn and excersize your mind as you age, the sharper you will stay.
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    If you're blocked/dead-ended with new concepts, do some "what-if" thinking to get around your preconceptions. Einstein's idea of equating gravitation and acceleration based on their observable effects was one of these "outside the box" moments. Remember that Google is your friend and you can mix up key-words to come up with links that might help suggest lines of thought that you haven't considered.
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    Ah some encouraging replies there thanks :wink:
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