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High energy electron scattering and proof of nucleus structure

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    Hey all,

    I am currently revising for my Physics mock but i can't get my head around high energy electron scattering, and the proof this provides for the size of the nucleus.

    I have read from a variety of texts and some of the links on here but these have lead me to become even more confused! I would really appreciate if someone could explain the basics in laymans terms for me

    Thanks for all your help
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    The size of the nucleus, what do you mean by that ?


    edit : http://web.mit.edu/spectroscopy/history/history-quantum.html
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    Perhaps the scattering cross-section?
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    That would make more sense.

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    Sorry I wasn't specific enough, I meant to say the cross section size of the nucleus

    Thanks for your help
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    It would help to know what level this is at (high school, college, etc.) and in which country. Please provide as much context as reasonably possible.
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    Here's some information on electron scattering (also called "Mott scattering"):

    If you scatter electrons at nuclei, the cross section will look like the one from the Rutherford scattering but multiplied with a factor

    [tex]1- \beta^2 \rm{sin}^2 (\theta/2)[/tex]


    [tex]\beta = v/c[/tex]
    [tex]\theta[/tex]: scattering angle

    The factor has something to do with the spin of the electron.
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