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Homework Help: High school physics computer programs or big collections of tasks with

  1. May 29, 2013 #1
    I've got my last year high school physics exam tomorrow, and for the second part of the exam (last 3 hours) we're allowed to bring anything we want as long as we can't communicate. We're also allowed to bring computers, so I'd be curious to see if there actually exist any programs that can help solve or set up physics problems on a quite simple level (highest level high school physics in Norway). I tried googling some, but couldn't really find anything.

    I'm also allowed to bring any solved physics tasks I want, so if anyone know of any big high school physics tasks/exams collections with solutions that would be great (in case I'm stuck on something I could see if I find a similiar task).

    These are the chapters in my physics book, for reference of what we need to know:

    • Relativity
    • Quantum physics
    • Particle physics
    • Movement
    • Power and movement
    • Gravity fields
    • Electrical fields
    • Magnetic fields
    • Induction
    • Technology (X-ray/CT/Ultrasound)

    Of course some of these are really simplified. The ones where I'll probably get most questions are the three field categories, induction and movement/power and movement.

    EDIT: Should I have posted this in "Homework, Coursework, & Textbook Questions"?
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    My experience with open-book or unlimited-resource tests is that they tend to be somewhat more difficult and more lengthy. If you have to spend time sifting through a shopping cart of reference books (guess my age while you are at it) or searching the interweb for a multiple reference examples that almost relate to your problem at hand, you will be penalized in time. Have handy a useful formula list organized by subject (generating this alone is good review work)--your teacher is looking for how well you think, less so what you can memorize. Whatever computer tools you have used to date should be fine (system of equation solvers, etc). Good luck!
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