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High School Physics organizations

  1. Jun 17, 2007 #1
    I'm a high school student living in southeastern Wisconsin primarily interested in physics and I was wondering if any of you had information about good extracurricular physics organizations. I'm especially looking for something where I would get to socialize with other kids in the organization, but anything that looks good on a resume is fine. Thanks in advance. :smile:
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    Consider the Science Olympiad if your school has a team. There, you'll get exposed to some physics stuff as well as stuff from other fields:

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    my school doesnt have any olympiad teams :grumpy:
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    No science club or science league??
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    I can't find anything about any sort of science club on my schools website, and I can't check with any teachers until schools starts again in September. Anything not affiliated with school?
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    Dr Transport

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    Try www.aapt.org is the link to the American Association of Physics Teachers. They publish a magazine called The Physics Teacher which caters to teaching at all levels.
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