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Holographic grating - can we calculate efficiency for each order?

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    I'm new to working with gratings. From using the basic grating eqn., I'm able to model the diffraction angles for each order with different angles of incidence upon the grating and I can calculate the dispersion given a broadband source with known minimum and maximum wavelength.

    However, I'm unsure how the angle of incidence affects the power going into each order. I think the n=+1 order is usually the most efficient, although is there a dependence upon the incidence angle / diffraction angle for efficiency?

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    Andy Resnick

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    In the case of some volume phase gratings I've seen, the shape of the grating only allows one order to exist. The higher orders have a larger than 90 degree diffraction angle and therefore don't exist. You might check out: R.E. Bell. Exploring a transmission grating spectrometer. RSI 75 10 (2004)
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