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Homework help for mastering physics

  1. Mar 17, 2009 #1
    An 85.0 baseball player who has leapt vertically into the air to catch a line drive catches the ball as it is headed horizontally directly into his glove. The ball has a mass of 145 and is headed perpendicular to his arm at 52.0 just before he catches it.

    Just after he catches the ball with his arm extended horizontally, what is the player's angular speed about a vertical axis through his head and feet, assuming that he was stationary at the instant he caught it?

    To make the calculations reasonable, you can model the player's body as a uniform solid cylinder of mass 73.0 and diameter 35.0 and his arms as thin 6.00 rods, each 70.0 long, pivoting around a vertical axis through his center.

    Please help me with this homework problem someone! I believe this deals with conservation of angular momentum but please help me out on how to work this out. Thank you sooo much for you help!
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