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A Master of Physics honours (or MPhys (Hons)) degree is a specific master's degree for courses in the field of physics.

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  1. P

    Alternatives to Mastering Physics in teaching E&M and Optics

    This coming winter I am teaching a calculus-based intro physics class for non-physics science majors. The class historically uses the classic University Physics text by Young and Freedman, which I am OK with. Usually, for my classes I write my own sets of homework problems, however, in winter I...
  2. eedftt

    Mastering Physics Homework about Magnetic field

    Magnetic fields are sometimes measured by balancing magnetic forces against known mechanical forces. Your task is to measure the strength of a horizontal magnetic field using a 12-cm-long rigid metal rod that hangs from two nonmagnetic springs, one at each end, with spring constants 1.3 N/m ...
  3. Amik

    Mastering Physics access code -- 1 book versus 3 books?

    I want to buy the access code for university physics 14th edition.I know there are 3 volumes for this books.Is there one access code for 3 books or just one for each volume?
  4. Sofa

    Issues Determining Change in Elastic Potential Energy

    I've attached a screengrab of the problem (Specifically, Part B, as indicated in the image) and my attempt at a solution. Summarized, my thinking was based on using ##-\Delta U=\frac{Kx_i^2-Kx_f^2}{2}##. After using up all my attempts, the solution, as it turns out, was U2=4.91J. No variation...
  5. L

    Magnitude of an electric field

    Homework Statement An electron is projected with an initial speed v0 = 4.65×106 m/s into the uniform field between the parallel plates in (Figure 1). The direction of the field is vertically downward, and the field is zero except in the space between the two plates. The electron enters the...
  6. Eram Ahmed

    How to find the magnitude of Force from an A vs Mass Graph

    Homework Statement I have attached the graph which displays Acceleration vs Mass. It shows the acceleration of objects of different mass that experience the same force. I need to get the magnitude of the force from this. Homework Equations F= ma The Attempt at a Solution I used F=ma for...
  7. S

    Transverse Wave Velocity/Acceleration

    Homework Statement The left-hand end of a long horizontal stretched cord oscillates transversely in SHM with frequency 270 Hz and amplitude 2.4 cm . The cord is under a tension of 90 N and has a linear density 0.08 kg/m . At t=0, the end of the cord has an upward displacement of 2.1 cm and is...
  8. danielhep

    Mastering Physics: Acceleration of a Pulley

    Homework Statement A string is wrapped around a uniform solid cylinder of radius r, as shown in (Figure 1) . The cylinder can rotate freely about its axis. The loose end of the string is attached to a block. The block and cylinder each have mass m. Find the magnitude α of the angular...
  9. danielhep

    Mastering Physics: Electron turning 90 degrees in capacitor

    Homework Statement A problem of practical interest is to make a beam of electrons turn a 90∘ corner. This can be done with the parallel-plate capacitor shown in the figure (Figure 1) . An electron with kinetic energy 2.0×10−17 J enters through a small hole in the bottom plate of the capacitor...
  10. B

    Finding magnitude of tension that causes object to slip

    Homework Statement A rope attached to a 19.0 kg wood sled pulls the sled up a 19.0° snow-covered hill. A 14.0 kg wood box rides on top of the sled. EDIT: the actual question to be answered, oops. What's the magnitude of the tension that will cause the box to slide? Mass of box (mb) = 14.0kg...
  11. lucphysics

    Help with this problem from Mastering Physics (Gravitation)

    Homework Statement If a satellite is in a sufficiently low orbit, it will encounter air drag from the Earth's atmosphere. Since air drag does negative work (the force of air drag is directed opposite the motion), the mechanical energy will decrease. If E decreases (becomes more negative), the...
  12. GZM

    Complicated Kinematic problem dealing with falling

    Homework Statement Problem states : A student walks off the top of the CN Tower in Toronto, which has height h and falls freely. His initial velocity is zero. The Rocketeer arrives at the scene a time of t later and dives off the top of the tower to save the student. The Rocketeer leaves the...
  13. GZM

    A rocket physics question

    Homework Statement Problem : During your summer internship for an aerospace company, you are asked to design a small research rocket. The rocket is to be launched from rest from the earth’'s surface and is to reach a maximum height of 990 m above the earth'’s surface. The rocket’'s engines give...
  14. M

    What is the x component of .... ?

    What is the x component of (+2m)ι^? Express your answer with the appropriate units. x = ____ __ * My attempted answer was: +2m What is the x component of (+2m/s)ι^? Express your answer with the appropriate units. vx = ____ __ * My attempted answer was: +2m/s What is the x component of...
  15. S

    Mastering physics Problem 20.58 tension and wave velocity

    Homework Statement The figure shows two masses hanging from a steel wire. The mass of the wire is 60.5 g . A wave pulse travels along the wire from point 1 to point 2 in 24.0 ms . https://session.masteringphysics.com/problemAsset/1383975/6/knight_Figure_20_80.jpg //What is mass m? Homework...
  16. S

    What is the speed of sound in oxygen? 21.50mastering physics

    Homework Statement ___ In 1866, the German scientist Adolph Kundt developed a technique for accurately measuring the speed of sound in various gases. A long glass tube, known today as a Kundt's tube, has a vibrating piston at one end and is closed at the other. Very finely ground particles of...
  17. S

    Is this mastering physics problem incorrect?

    Homework Statement [/B] This is the Diagram-The figure shows the circular wave fronts emitted by two wave sources. https://session.masteringphysics.com/problemAsset/1383558/3/21.EX26.jpg part B is the one with trouble it asks "Make a table with rows labeled P, Q, and R and columns labeled r1...
  18. P

    My approach to physics seems pointless.

    Greetings. I completed my bachelor's in physics from the 'University of Delhi', India, an year ago and I wish to pursue a career in fundamental research. I knew that a Master's in Physics was a very serious business and thus took an year off making sure i was ready for it. However i have been...
  19. S

    *Need help in mastering physics*

    Hello everyone..! I am new to this forum. I'm a 17 year old school student in need of guidance. I am currently preparing for competitive exams and i wish to reach an advanced level in physics. How do i master physics in one year?. I am stuck while solving complex problems n wanted to know how to...
  20. physicsquestion

    Planet density -- no idea what to do

    Homework Statement [/B] Consider a spherical planet of uniform density ρ. The distance from the planet's center to its surface (i.e., the planet's radius) is Rp. An object is located a distance Rfrom the center of the planet, where R<Rp. (The object is located inside of the planet.) Find a...
  21. A

    Frequency of damped mass-spring system

    [Mentor's note: Thread title changed to reflect question content] I really need some help with this one: 1. Homework Statement An unhappy rodent of mass 0.307kg , moving on the end of a spring with force constant 2.48N/m , is acted on by a damping force Fx=−b⋅vx. Part A If the constant b has...
  22. Physics-UG

    Mastering physics and math courses

    Hello everyone, hopefully this isn't an ignorant first post. When it comes to math and physics courses, obviously persistence and practice problems are key for doing well, is there anything else you guys can propose to keep my grades as high as possible? Thanks to everyone in advance!
  23. R

    Please hel with Mastering Physics, very lost in magnetism

    Homework Statement A long wire carrying a 6.0A current perpendicular to the xy-plane intersects the x-axis at x=−2.0cm. A second, parallel wire carrying a 3.5Acurrent intersects the x-axis atx=+2.0cm. At what point on the x-axis is the magnetic field zero if the two currents are in the same...
  24. Ravenalia

    From rotational KE to translational displacement

    Homework Statement A frictionless pulley has the shape of a uniform solid disk of mass 5.00 kg and radius 28.0 cm . A 1.40 kg stone is attached to a very light wire that is wrapped around the rim of the pulley, and the stone is released from rest. As it falls down, the wire unwinds without...
  25. R

    What is the correct way to find the inertia of a bullet entering a door?

    I am having trouble with this one problem. I have tried multiple times to solve it, but come up with the same wrong answer every time. The mistake that I may be making is in finding the Inertia of the bullet entering the door: I figured that some mass at the given radius from the hinge of the...
  26. E

    Mastering Physics: Finding a Project in Southern Ontario

    I want to do a masters. Currently I am doing my undergrad(4th year) in southern Ontario; my marks in math/physics are around A-. I enjoy quantum and atomic physics and am looking for a project, ideally in computational physics applying it to the former topics. I have emailed some professors, but...
  27. R

    Mastering Physics Homework

    The conductive tissues of the upper leg can be modeled as a 35-cm-long, 16-cm-diameter cylinder of muscle and fat. The resistivities of muscle and fat are 13 Ωm and 25 Ωm, respectively. One person's upper leg is 82% muscle, 18% fat. The resistivity of the whole leg will be a weighted average of...
  28. O

    Mastering Physics - Force on muscles

    Homework Statement Studies of gymnasts show that their high rate of injuries to the Achilles tendon is due to tensions in the tendon that typically reach 9.0 times body weight. That force is provided by a pair of muscles, each exerting a force at 29∘ to the vertical, with their horizontal...
  29. R

    Mastering Physics: Heat Engine Problem

    The figure shows the cycle for a heat engine that uses a gas having gamma =1.25. The initial temperature is T1=300K, and this engine operates at 20 cycles per second. a.) What is the power output of the engine? b.) What is the engine's thermal efficiency? The link to this image is here...
  30. R

    Force and Potential Energy Graphs: Mastering Physics HW 11.39

    Homework Statement The figure below shows the force exerted on a particle that moves along the x-axis. Draw a graph of the particle's potential energy as a function of position from x=0 to x=1.1 . Let U be zero at x=0.Homework Equations F=-dU/dxThe Attempt at a Solution I decided to divide the...
  31. L

    Mastering Physics: Rotational Motion Around Two Cylinders

    Homework Statement The ropes in the figure are each wrapped around a cylinder, and the two cylinders are fastened together. The smaller cylinder has a diameter of 10 cm and a mass of 5.0 kg; the larger cylinder has a diameter of 20 cm and a mass of 20 kg. What is the angular acceleration of...
  32. L

    Mastering Physics: Rolling Motion, Pebble stuck in a Tire by Static Fr

    Homework Statement A 1.2 g pebble is stuck in a tread of a 0.76 m diameter automobile tire, held in place by static friction that can be at most 3.6 N. The car starts from rest and gradually accelerates on a straight road. How fast is the car moving when the pebble flies out of the tire...
  33. S

    Problem 10.30 (with Hints) - Mastering Physics - Rotational Inertia

    Homework Statement Three 2.30kg masses are located at the vertices of an equilateral triangle 55.0cm on a side, connected by rods of negligible mass. Find the rotational inertia, I_2, of this object about an axis that passes through one vertex and the midpoint of the opposite side Homework...
  34. Y

    Mastering Physics 10.85 - Dynamics of Rotational Motion

    This is my first post on here; I hope it will be worth it. I haven't been able to find an adequate solution to this elsewhere. Homework Statement A 5.30 kg ball is dropped from a height of 11.5 m above one end of a uniform bar that pivots at its center. The bar has mass 8.50 kg and is 9.00 m...
  35. P

    Mastering Physics, conceptual problem (no values)

    Hey everyone, First of all, here is the applet so you can see what the problem looks like. http://session.masteringphysics.com/probhtml/applets/modatt2-14-4a.html I'm supposed to create an equation for acceleration; using m_1, m_2,Mu_k, and g. I'm not sure what the first step is...
  36. S

    Mastering physics Ch 3 frustation

    Homework Statement A quarterback passes the football downfield at 20 m/s. It leaves his hand 1.8 m above the ground and is caught by a receiver 30 m away at the same height. What is the maximum height of the ball on its way to the receiver? Xi=0m Xf=30m Yi=1.8m Yf=1.8m Vi= 20 m/s...
  37. M

    Normal force mastering physics

    Homework Statement http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/7550/12929005.png [Broken] Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I don't think the normal force depends on mass so I wouldn't know how to rank I mean the normal force on the middle bottom and left bottom is the same so how can I...
  38. M

    Mastering physics :pulleys and friction

    Homework Statement http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/8717/friction.png [Broken] Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution T-W_a=0 W=mg=-186.6 T=186.6 T-Q-fs=0 186.6-Q-fs fs=uN N=60+147=207 fs=82.8 186.6-Q-82.8=0 Q=103.8 what is wrong??
  39. M

    Mastering physics kinematics

    Homework Statement http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/8650/masteringphysics.png [Broken] Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution by the second derivative a = 30t-3 a(4.7)=138 do I enter as 14 * 10 or 1.4*10^2 I don't want to lose anymore marks because I don't know how to enter it also...
  40. P

    Mastering physics help - rail gun

    Homework Statement attached Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I think i need to use energy methods for this because the acceleration is not constant.. trouble is I don't know the formula for the potential energy in cases like this. Thanks for any help.
  41. L

    Mastering Physics: 'weighing lunch': spring oscillation

    Homework Statement For lunch you and your friends decide to stop at the nearest deli and have a sandwich made fresh for you with 0.100 {\rm kg}of turkey. The slices of turkey are weighed on a plate of mass 0.400 {\rm kg} placed atop a vertical spring of negligible mass and force constant of...
  42. L

    Exam based on Mastering Physics anyone?

    Hi, I've been using this forum for a few months now and am really appreciating it - thanks to the anonymous people out there. To the question at hand - I have an exam that is based on the Mastering Physics questions. I know that the 90/150 of the marks will be multiple choice and will be from...
  43. P

    Moment of inertia mastering physics

    Homework Statement see attachment Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Hey can someone please tell me what I've done wrong here. There is all so a question further down that asks for the same thing but with mass of the bar included.(M_bar)
  44. S

    Mastering physics: electric field of point charges

    Homework Statement Two point charges are placed on the x axis. The first charge, q1= 8.00 , is placed a distance 16.0m from the origin along the positive x axis; the second charge, q2= 6.00 , is placed a distance 9.00m from the origin along the negative x axis. Calculate the...
  45. S

    Mastering physics: The Electric Field at a Point Due to Two Point Charges

    Homework Statement A point charge q1:-4.00 nC is at the point x=0.600 meters, y=0.800 meters, and a second point charge q2:+6.00 nC is at the point x=600 meters, y=0 . a) Calculate the magnitude of the net electric field at the origin due to these two point charges. Express your answer in...
  46. P

    Mastering Physics Question: 2 strings

    Homework Statement String 1 in the figure has linear density 2.4 g/m and string 2 has linear density 3.5 g/m. A student sends pulses in both directions by quickly pulling up on the knot, then releasing it. Consider the pulses are to reach the ends of the strings simultaneously. In the figure...
  47. M

    Simple velocity/acceleration/distance equation-but is mastering physics wrong?

    simple velocity/acceleration/distance equation--but is mastering physics wrong? A rock climber stands on top of a 57 -high cliff overhanging a pool of water. He throws two stones vertically downward 1.0 apart and observes that they cause a single splash. The initial speed of the first stone...
  48. R

    Rocket Acceleration Calculation: Pendulum Swing During Liftoff Explained

    Homework Statement An astronaut notices that a pendulum which took 2.46 seconds for a complete cycle of swing when the rocket was waiting on the launch pad takes 1.26 seconds for the same cycle of swing during liftoff. What is the acceleration of the rocket?(Hint: Inside the rocket, it appears...
  49. T

    Mastering Physics, Finding the Compresssion of a Spring using Momentum.

    This is another problem from the same homework set that I was working on earlier. Again I believe conservation of momentum is the key formula. Homework Statement An 8000kg freight car rests against a spring bumper at the end of a railroad track. The spring has constant k=3.2*10^5. The car is...
  50. T

    Mastering Physics Help, Conservation of Momentum

    Homework Statement A 238U nucleus is moving in the x direction at 4.5*10^5 m/s when it decays into an alpha particle 4He and a 234Th nucleus. 1.) If the alpha particle moves off at 34degrees above the x-axis with a speed of 2.0*10^7 m/s, what is the speed of the thorium nucleus? 2.)What...