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Homework Help Forum request

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    To make things less of a headache for others, I'd like to try to use TeX, and make everything look nice and organized. After all, they're helping me for nothing, right?

    Thing is, I use Preview Post to ensure I have everything right before submitting it... but every time I click Preview Post (Which is often, if I'm using TeX), it adds the "1) Type your problem 2) Type your relevant equations 3) Type your attempt at the solution)", over the span of 10ish lines.

    So, Preview Post 6 times, and now I've got 60 lines to go delete :(

    Can you make it such that 1)/2)/3) appear when making a new post, but NOT when submitting a preview?
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    It's a bug in the software. We are aware of it.

    Unfortunately, there is no easy remedy at the moment (otherwise it would have been fixed already), and one must simply delete the lines generated in the preview.

    One idea would be to copy the post into a text editor and replace the entire post before each preview, so that one does not continue generating 1) 2) 3) multiple times.
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    It's a pain, but until it gets fixed all you have to do is delete the repeated template every time you do a preview. (Remembering to do that is the hard part.)
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