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Suggestion for homework help forum template.

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    In the homework help forum, when you start a new post, it puts the template up, with the three points (question, equations, and attempt).

    When you try to preview your post, and the screen comes back, it comes back with everything you already wrote (in the original template), but with another copy of the template underneath. (To see what I mean, go to homework help, create a new topic, and just click preview without typing anything, you will see when you look at the input box, the template is there twice)

    Would it be possible to change this so that it only puts the template there when you first create the post. Sometimes I forget about this 'feature' after I preview my post, and just click submit. Then I have a nice clean post, with an extra copy of the template at the bottom.

    Not a major issue, just something that bugs me every now and again.

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    I've wondered why the 3 points of the template are repeated sometimes, and I think it happens each time the OP is previewed.

    I tested the HW template, and with each preview (I did 2), the three parts of the HW template are repeated.

    The poster can simply delete before submitting the thread, or edit (remove) the text after submission.

    A fix would be nice.
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    I wish the poster would edit after a repeat of the template. It doesn't look great, but then I'm a bit of a nutter about neatness.
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    I know, I usually remember to delete them, but once in a while I forget. Then I check back later for responses, and notice that its there. Sometimes if it's on a friday or something when I post, if I don't make it online soon enough, it's too late to edit it away by the time I check back.
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    With all the upgrades going on, I figure I should bump this back up, so it doesn't get forgotten.
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