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Homework help! I need to find answers to these questions

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    Please help me find the answers to these questions for music class. I looked in my book and on the internet for these answers and I cant find them and maybe I am not putting the right keyword in. I dont know... I found something that might have answers. but I dont know. I wish my reading comrephension would be better. this is all worth 30 points.

    If you find them from a site, please list the site you found the answers on and where the answers are or post them in here for me. its not due until thursday dec 7th and I want to get this done early so I dont have to worry about it anymore because I have a math final (my worse subject) on the day before (dec 6th) and I have a lot of studying to do.

    thanks so much to anyone who wants to help! I could not find #1, but I found what I think the answer to #2 is, but couldnt find dirrect answers so I dont know. I thought this might of been an easy question for me to find, but its not. a couple sources..... question 3, the first source I think that might be it. and the violin source, I didnt write anything yet because I am not sure.

    1. Identify and describe briefly at least four stylistic traits which we believe classical Greek music possessed.

    2. Identify and describe at least 6 musical instruments used during the middle ages. What seems to have been the rhole of instruments in the music of this period?

    My answer: 1. wind instruments - clarinet, saxaphone, pipes, and flutes
    2. Percission intstruments - At churches, bells would be used to indicate that the church service is starting.
    3. electronic instruments - keyboards were used in churches before, throughout, and after church service.
    4. Keyboard instruments - oregon, piano. In order to play them back then, you have to have someone or yourself depending where the pedals or stops were to step on them for the notes to play.
    5. String instruments - violins/biols were used mainly for orchestras.
    6. Voice - the human voice; an instrument in its own right. Used in choir, opera, and many genres.

    The role of instruments in the middle ages were for the church; designed to worship God and for inspiration. Music was used before the services, throughout, and at the end of the service. Church music was for encouragement, keeping everybody awake, and for the power of the Lord.

    3. Who were the 3 greatest makers of stringed instruments during the Baroque? Where did they work? What important musical compositions did they write?

    My answer: Gransceso Geminiani worked in his hometown of Lucca playing the violin in the Town Orchestra for three years at the age of 20. He then moved to Napes in 1771 to take up the position as the leader of the Opera Orchestra. He also tried his fortune in England in 1714, where his violin playing right away met with great success
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    Point #1: There is a section for homework questions. This is not it. Please check your posting guidelines and go to the appropriate area.
    Point #2: Your third question asks for 'makers', not 'players'. I have no idea what 'Baroque' is, but aren't they looking for something like Stradivarious, Amanti, etc.?
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    yeah but there is not a section for the subject of music, so I thought it would be fine to post it in here. which forum is the best? you can move it to whichever forum it belongs in.
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    Well, since it's a music question and not a science or math question, I'll leave it here for now. But, please visit the HW help forums and read the rules regarding HW questions. Most importantly, we don't give answers, but instead will help prompt you toward finding the answer yourself.

    We may or may not have members around who can help you with this. You'll have to be patient.
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    yeah I have until december 7th. even the links to find the answers for each question would be good. thats why I said to include links to find the answers. thats my struggle.
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    Interesting questions.

    For #3 -

    This might be appropriate for the History forum.

    http://www.standingstones.com/cell18th.html - interesting.


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baroque_music (1600-1760)
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    I doubt there would be many electronic instruments in churches of the middle ages.
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